Top X Ways To Get ZBIGZ Premium Account

ZBIGZ Premium Account

The most common and desirable form of entertainment in today’s world is movies. But, there are a lot of hindrances that can occur to get access to one’s favorite movies. The torrent needs to be converted into a downloadable link. Many movie-lovers still rely on utorrent to meet their daily latest movie, cravings. But they are unaware that utorrent is not the only option. ZBigZ is the most reliable source for the conversion of torrent links into the direct download link. A ZBigZ Premium Account is the one-stop solution to all the movie lovers’ needs. Except in a few countries where it is banned, the torrent protocol is not illegal.

ZBigZ Premium Accounts

The client base of ZBigZ is enormous in the world. Though sharing and downloading of the unsanctioned copyrighted material is illegal in all states. Some examples of illicit activities are Warez, Pirated Movies, etc.

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ZBigZ Premium Account saves a lot of time. The ZBigZ account is not used only for downloading movies. The account is also used for other fresh and exciting stuff. These include listening to songs, watching animations, access to books, and many more.

What is a ZIBZ Premium Account?  

 ZBigZ is a free torrent client for which no download is necessary. Usage of any web browser is permitted. It provides privacy protection as the IP address of the user remains hidden. It is not the actual software. Also it has a built-in torrent search engine which further facilitates the users and saves time.

zbigz premium account free login
zbigz premium account free login

Basically, ZbigZ converts torrent files into easy direct download links at a faster speed. It downloads torrent from the Internet download manager. It is the quickest way to download torrent content and it works hand in hand with almost all the download managers like IDM, Turbo Download Manager, and many others at maximum speed.

 The ZbigZ accounts are of 02 types:

 01. ZbigZ Free Account

 02. ZbigZ Premium Account.

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The ZbigZ premium account is preferable and more convenient. It has no restrictions like the free account. The ZBigZ Premium account further removes unnecessary ads. The HTTPS protocol protects the privacy of the users of ZBigZ. Also, the ZbigZ Premium account provides unlimited storage, unlimited storage size. You can access the files for an indefinite period of time. Options for direct upload to google drive and video and music streaming are also available.

How to Get a ZBIGZ Premium Account? 

Before moving further, the user has to make sure that he/she has access to ZbigZ Premium Account, i.e., Login ID and password should be obtained by purchasing the ZbigZ Premium Account.

01 – Launch the web browser and visit ‘

02 – At the top of the window, click on LOG IN/SIGN IN options are available.

03 – There, type the username and password that were obtained during the purchase of the account.

04 – Lastly, click on ‘LOG IN’ to login to your ZbigZ premium account.  

After following all these steps, you are successfully logged into your Premium Account. Hence, you have access to all the features available for the Premium Account users.

 The steps to download a torrent from a ZbigZ Premium account are:

01. Launch the web browser

02. Visit any torrent website.

03. Copy the torrent magnet download link from the torrent site.

ZBIGZ Premium Plans
ZBIGZ Premium Plans

04. Now open the ZbigZ and sign up for the premium account.

05. Paste the magnet link which you copied from the torrent site.

06. Once you do this, click on the ‘GO’ button.

07. Wait for the ZBigZ to catch the torrent content.

08. Once you do this, click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button to finally download your torrent file.

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Features of ZBIGZ Premium Account

With the help of IDM (Internet Download Manager), the maximum speed is seen in both small and large downloads. The maximum capacity of the internet connection is put into use. Hence, providing maximum satisfaction to the users and saving time.

No size restrictions 

In the free account, users are unable to download large files. All these hindrances are absent in the ZbigZ Premium Account. The users need not limit their needs according to the account.

Resume and Pause options for downloads 

If due to any reason, the user is unable to complete or willingly wants to pause the download, he has the opportunity for that too. The broken file resumes according to the need of the user at a later time.

Live preview support 

The account enables us to preview the media file even before download.


After the conversion of the torrent link, the user can watch the movie first and download it later. This helps them to save themselves from unnecessary downloads or lousy quality prints.

Unlimited Torrent files 

There is no maximum limit to the number of files that should be stored or downloaded using the account.

No storage complications 

all the downloaded files can exist for an indefinite period of time without complications of size or number.

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Protection against viruses and malware

Sometimes, the torrent links contain unnecessary malware and viruses which disrupt the normal functioning of the web browser or even the device.

Protection against viruses and malware
Protection against viruses and malware

ZbigZ Premium Account identifies these glitches and warns the users beforehand.

Ad and the pop-up free environment

Unlike the free account, the ZbigZ premium account does not support ads. Hence, it has the additional feature of a built-in ad blocker and does not deviate from the web browser to any other site.

Feature to seed more than one file at once 

There are no such criteria that you should download only one file at a specific time. It allows seeding of more than one file simultaneously.

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Instant download 

The torrent link converts into a downloadable link. Further, the resultant media remains only one click away.

No geographical specifications or blocks 

Unlike some other websites that do not work for specific regions, ZbigZ has no such issues. Access to is available worldwide.

Conclusion For ZBIGZ Premium Account

ZbigZ is one of the best websites available today. The ZbigZ Premium Account is the significant jewel of the site.

ZBIGZ Premium Plans
ZBIGZ Premium Plans

It is the one-stop solution and the master key to all download related issues. Its features are unlike any other sites on the internet today. It respects the privacy of the user without compensating in any way. 

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