Top 6 Ways To Get Free Uptobox Premium Account [Updated 2020]


The demand for data is quite high in today’s time. Almost a large number of population is available online. The Internet is part of people’s day to day lives. Search engines today includes too much information being searched. This increase in knowledge has led to a lot of data being available to the end-user. With such a huge amount of data, it becomes necessary that the data is secured somewhere. For the security of your data, you must store the data at a safe place. Nowadays, the use of the internet is seen to be increasing. People have a large amount of data at their end. Hence, there is an increase in the demand for data sharing and storage services. Lets find out about getting a free uptobox premium account. 

People continuously search out for websites that offer them some of the best services related to the storage of data and sharing. The data storage websites provide you with the ability to upload data, which might be files, music, video, documents, etc. Accessing data has become comfortable with these storage websites. Uptobox is a widespread data sharing and storage engine. Know more about how to  get a free uptobox account.

About Uptobox Account

Uptobox is an online data storage engine that allows users to upload files and various other essential documents. Apart from storage facilities, it also enables users to download limited stuff. It is quite an accessible account if you are looking out for backing up your data. Backing up data and storing it has become quite essential in today’s current scenario, where the breach of data is seen increasing at a fast pace. Uptobox account comes in two types :

Free Uptobox Account

This account is available for free to all the users.However, it lacks many features while comapring with a premium uptobox account. The Free account will include ads and other pop-ups. It also provides with limited download facility.

Premium Uptobox Account

The Premium uptobox account comes with a price. Since there is an involvement of price factor, the premium account also provides additional features.

Uptobox Account
Uptobox Account

The other features that it includes involve unlimited downloads together with uploads. A significant advantage of having a premium uptobox account is that users are free seeing different types of ads and pop-ups. 

6 Best Methods To Get Free Uptobox Premium Account

The premium uptobox account inevitably comes with many benefits. It does not just involve unlimited downloads but also makes the process free from any kind of ads and pop-ups. However, if you do not wish to pay for getting a premium uptobox account, we have listed some proven ways to get a free account. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to get a free Uptobox premium account


 The procedure for obtaining a free uptobox account is pretty simple.


Users need to create an account on the website. After you have created your account , do the desired tasks you are required to perform. On completion, you will be granted your free account


This is another excellent method that might let you enjoy the benefits of a free uptobox premium account. The website requires you to make an account. Once your account gets created, all you need to do is select among the various tasks and complete the same. Once the tasks are accomplished, your premium account will be all ready to use. 


Survey Junkie

SurveyJunkie is another excellent way to get a free uptobox premium account. The only difference between the above two, and this method is that the tasks involved here are different than the other two. The tasks that are involved in SurveyJunkie are related to taking up surveys. After the successful completion of surveys, you will get to enjoy your free account


Premium Links

Premium link generators are also another great option that can be used to get a free Uptobox premium account. These generators work by altering the download links. The modified download link will then allow users to enjoy their free Uptobox premium account. Premium link generators work efficiently towards granting and letting users enjoy free account. Also, if you wish to enjoy a fast speed, these premium link generators are a great option. A list of the top link generators are :

  • PremiumZen 
  • HyperDebird 
  • Uploaded Premium Link 


This is one of the best ways if you wish to enjoy the features of a premium Uptobox account for free. The website does not require users to complete any tasks; however, it works by generating links for premium accounts. With the generation of links, users are also able to enjoy a high speed of downloads. 

Extension of Browsers

This method comes in use when people have excellent skills regarding software development. With the necessary changes in the programming, users will be able to enjoy the benefits of free Uptobox account.

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We have listed above some of the ways which can help people facing budget constraints enjoy the benefits. A Uptobox premium account has vast benefits. It allows users to enjoy unlimited downloads, fast speed downloads and downloads are free from any kind of ads or pop-ups.  


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