Top 3 Ways To Get Uploadgig Premium Account In 2020

Uploadgig Premium Account

Today, I have another very internet-savvy topic to share with you guys. It is about a website that goes by the name “uploadgig.” The name is quite predictive and self-explanatory. As in this article we going to give complete information on uploadgig premium account.

So those of you who have not heard of it, won’t have any trouble getting the hang of it.

But before that, there are some things we should set right. So let us go ahead and discuss how we got this far with technology.

I won’t be exaggerating if I say the internet and technology have taken the world by storm. The two together have transformed (for good, mostly) everything that came their way. They are a way of life for millennials.

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None of us can imagine living without the things that make our lives so much easier. They have changed the way we deal with the issues in our lives regularly.


Let us take the first example: what do we do when we can’t find a place? Or when we can’t find the answer to a question? Or when we can’t find a recipe?

Ask someone? No.

The answer to the above questions is the same. We google it. Be it any problem. It takes us seconds to whip out our phones and type-in to ask google.

Now, talking about our files and data and their security. There are so many websites these days that offer you storage facilities on their websites.

They offer you attractive techniques for accessing those files, allowing you to download them back if you wish to, among so many other things.

But doing all this does not compromise your privacy in any way. No one can see your data unless you choose to show them. How brilliant does that sound? All these were just the highlights.

I will tell you all about this, later on in this article. So sit tight while we discuss how things have changed over time.

The internet, combined with technology, makes our life silky smooth, providing everything on our fingertips.

But was it always like this? It wasn’t.

Google and other search engines have been around for a long time now, but their use was not so frequent as it is today.

People fancied asking passersby for directions or asked experts, usually parents or friends, if they had any problems.

Now coming to the storage resources, there were not many options. First of all, there was not a massive amount of data to store. The organizations that did have that amount of data to the store did so on their computers or in the form of physical records(files).

As time went by, the secondary storage became more accessible and more spacious. USB drives were the most popular and affordable among all. But they could not hold much data even then.

Hard drives were around, but not all could afford them. Meanwhile, the amount of data had been increasing rapidly, and even hard-drives can hold only so much data.

So a better way was required. This requirement gets fulfilled by cloud storage. Fast-forward to today; there are so many websites that provide cloud-based storage facilities. The one we are talking about today is “UPLOADGIG.NET” is a part of the long list.

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There are so many new websites that launched daily. To make yours, stand-out in this crowd is a commendable achievement. The one I am going to tell you is “UPLOADGIG.NET,” and it has done precisely that.


It is a website that provides you with the option of storing your data with them. It gives you cloud-based storage facilities. Not only that, but it also gives you the facility to share your files, which makes it all the more appealing.

Factors about this website

  • It lets you transfer/upload your precious files, documents, whatever, over to the website, GBs of it from your device to the cloud.
  • You can download your files back as you will be getting a download link to do so. Also, only those people who have the download link can access your data. So privacy is no issue here.
  • But what if you want to delete your backed up data? Well, they provide you a link, one-click on which can demolish all the data on the cloud.
  • You can share the link with all those whom you want to give the access, which makes sharing ridiculously easy.
  • And, of course, you can access your files from anywhere, just by logging into the site by giving your credentials.

You must be satisfied till now, may even be thinking about giving it a shot. But to take advantage of all the features, you will have to get the subscription of their premium account. Yes, you read that right.

They offer four variations of plans:

  1. 30-DAY PLAN
  2. 60-DAYS PLAN
  3. 90-DAYS PLAN
  4. 180-DAYS PLAN

They will cost you 12 dollars,25 dollars, 40 dollars, and 74 dollars, respectively. They all come with really high upload/download speed and up to 5GBs of storage capacity. Worth every penny if you ask me.

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Ways to get UPLOADGIG Premium Account

BUT, all things said and done, there are a couple of ways to get around the subscription and still get a UPLOADGIG PREMIUM ACCOUNT.


Some websites provide the link generators. They allow you to download all kinds of stuff from the premium websites without even having to log in. How? It gives you the back-gate entry to the application. The best when above these is But there are several of these available.

You just have to paste the link of the premium website, and when it is done, you can use all the premium features without even having an account.


Another way of achieving it is that there are some websites, which ask your email id and Information about the OS you use. Along with these, you have to choose options regarding the uploadgig site, for instance, the subscription.

completing tasks uploadgig premium account
completing tasks

After this, you will be asked to verify yourself, for which you will be taken to another page. There you have to download 2 or 3 games or apps for verification purposes.

After waiting for 30-40 seconds, you will have a message confirming your uploadgig premium account.

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This one is the most conventional and cliched method. Some self-proclaimed tech-experts give away free account information of the sites like, for a premium account.

So you just have to log in with those credentials. As simple as that. These accounts are mostly working, as they have been created using virtual credit cards. So just ask you not to alter the details.

Conclusion for uploadgig premium account

Though also provides you some limited services for free. If you still want uploadgig a premium account, but you are broke(like we all mostly are), you can try out these methods and get the uploadgig premium account.

Hoping this will be helpful.


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