Top 4 Ways to Get Uploaded Premium Account in 2020

Uploaded Premium Account

Data is of all the value in our era. It holds value equal to gold, diamonds, and whatever it is that you deem precious. Even more when you know how to utilize and harness it. It can get you all the power if you use it properly. This fact has been known for a very long time. Even before technology was such a revolution. Long before the time when it controlled our lives as it does now. We will be exploring how to get our Uploaded Premium account in this article. 

Uploaded Premium Account

 Even so many years ago, the analysts and scientists who had access to critical data used to store it very carefully. Files were organized in various ways according to purposes. The files were often kept stacked and locked in offices. They were categorized and prioritized on the basis of names — the more important ones on top of the lesser important ones.

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But they were endangered by all kinds of things. Be it, thieves, termites, danger from fire water, etc. Apart from this, the amount of data went on increasing with the revolution that the internet brought. So the storage in files became impractical. It was obviously stupid to try and store that humungous amount of data in files. Which, my friend, lead to the method of storing data on computers.

Uploaded Premium Account
Uploaded Premium Account

It was enough for quite some time, but even computers and hard drives have limited space.But why am I telling you all this? I will get to that in a moment.As the data storage needs went on increasing, there was a need for better mediums of storage. Reaping the benefit of the situation, IT experts and giants started coming out with solutions. Cloud storage became a huge thing. 

Different companies started coming forward, providing free storage online with GBs and TBs(terabytes) to tempt you with. DropBox came and became an instant favorite with the people.Another website to make it big in this field was Allow me to tell you a little about it before proceeding further.

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What is “UPLOADED,” and Why is it Sought After so Severely?

I know it is a tricky name, but believe me when I tell you it is the name of a website. Most of you may have heard of it. Those who haven’t, I am shortly going to tell you all about it.

Well let’s get one thing clear, what does it do?

It helps you save your relevant data( documents, photographs, etc.), basically everything under the sun on their website.

 It is a Singapore based and built website, dealing with the famed data storage Industry. Also, it came into being a few years back, saw some ups and downs, but it indeed is going strong.

It provides you with cloud-based service, where it promises you a number of benefits like:

  • Repository online to save all your precious documents ranging from audios to PPTs and so on.
  • Un-matchable upload/download speed.
  • This means to earn money through certain features(per-pay download), which makes us handle the subscription amount better, right?
  • It acts as a bank for all our data, where it can be as safe as it gets.

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 But, there is a catch. As they say, nothing comes for free(literally). So you can get all the above-mentioned benefits if and only if you make an account and purchase its subscription by paying a decided sum. The duration of this Uploaded premium subscription ranges from 2 days and can go on to 2 years. The prices also start at 5 dollars and go as high as 100 dollars. Really pricey, huh?

We are always reluctant when it comes to buying premium accounts, but the things “uploaded” is offering are too good to let go. So what we do is, we find a way around it.

There are several tricks that can get you uploaded premium account without having to spend a dime.

Some tricks(ways) to get uploaded premium account in 2020

There is every solution on the internet. The answer to this one is given by a number of websites providing us with alternatives to having to buy the uploaded premium account. I have tried to list a few from the lot.

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Link Generators

There are loads of sites and resources online that provide you the links of the file so that you can download that instant.

You have to sign up, and then you can download anything you want. Some of these websites have too many popups, advertisements, and stuff that can make things messy. But the one I hear of is debrid-link, which is clean and useful. 

 Sites like these are free, but still, you should tread carefully while working with these.

Using Credentials

OK, this one is common and the one which is most likely to swing any of the ways. There are so many sites that provide you with a set of login credentials of accounts that already exist!!

Keep2share Premium
Keep2share Premium

But, I can’t say how much it works. If it does, then there isn’t any more natural way. All you have to do is jot down the userid/password that you fancy. Then you have to enter it on uploaded’s login page, press enter.

You will have your own uploaded premium account. Just a matter of minutes, if you ask me and your pocket as heavy as it was before!

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Leech Method

This is very straightforward, as well. You don’t have to do anything apart from following some steps. There are a lot of websites that have ready-to-click links on them.

You click the link, and it will take you forward. There are some steps like downloading apps or playing apps and stuff like that, after which you get your premium account.


A large number of these websites, as I said earlier, are spams, with so many interruptions that it will make you spin. And, no only this, they don’t even work correctly. One that does work, though, is Cocoleech, with minimum spams and popping ads.


Then there are websites like this, taking things up a notch, making it all the easier for you. Though you have to follow some steps, just a small price to pay for your premium account.

  1. Open your browser. Type the name of the website carefully. Enter.
  2. Fill in your mail id(fill in your secondary email id for security purposes) and password.
  3. Human Verification(it will ask you to download 2-3 applications)
  4. After you do verification yourself, your browser will direct you to your Uploaded Premium Account.


These were all the ways you can get an Uploaded premium account, just by a few clicks here and a few there. Try them out and claim your account before you run out of space!!

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