Top 7 Ways to Get Free Mega Premium Account


Storing data online has now become a day to day task. People are now available online on a 24*7 basis. Day by day, the number of data searched is increasing. Apart from searching data, there has also been a high demand when it comes to the storage of data. Nowadays, there are several cloud-based storage services available online. These services are a great option if you are looking for storing data online for backup purposes. Data storage services also help in case of breach of data. There have been many cases of violation of data. A popular option when it comes to data storage services has a mega premium account. A mega premium account comes in two types: Free and Premium. 

About Mega account

A mega premium account is quite famous for its data storage services. It is what most people usually opt for when it comes to backing up their critical data. The company has its office based in New Zealand. Around 100 to 150 million users have an active mega account.

Free and Premium Mega accounts
Free and Premium Mega accounts

The mega report provides users with about 15 GB of free storage. If additional storage is required, users need to pay for the same. The storage space will change according to the different amounts that you pay. The more quantity paid, the more will be the storage space. The features available in a free account are limited when compared to a premium account. 

How useful is Mega account?

Having a mega premium account is quite useful when we talk about data storage services. It has immense benefits that are required for backing up the data. Let’s have a look at some of the valuable benefits of having a mega account : 

The Setup

The setup process involved while setting up a mega premium account is pretty simple.

Setup - Mega account
Setup – Mega account

You can easily choose among the options available whether to go for a free or a premium account. 

Simplified Usage

The mega premium account once created provides users with a comfortable kind of usage. The website platform is quite easy to understand and also to use. 


Another useful thing about having a mega account is the privacy aspect.The company is said to follow the GDPR guidelines when it comes to the privacy of data.


TSL and SSL servers are the two options that are used to support security aspects regarding the mega premium account.

Ways to get Mega Premium Account

The mega premium account is loaded with numerous advantages. However, if you are facing any budget constraints, then we have listed a few proven ways to let you experience the benefits of a mega premium account. Let’s have a look at some of the proven ways :


This is a proven way to get a free mega premium account. The site involves you to create an account on the same. Start by completing the various tasks that are available on the website.


Once done, in the next step, you will be able to enjoy the free mega premium account. 


This website is different than the above.


The tasks involved herein are concerned with undertaking various surveys. Once the surveys are taken, the free mega premium account will be granted. 


Another proven way to get a complimentary mega premium account. Register yourself on the website with your email ID.


Choose from a given set of tasks and complete the same. Get on to complete the tasks and finally get to enjoy the free premium mega accounts. 

Generators online

Generators are another popular option to get a free premium account.

Welovepremium- Mega premium accounts
Welovepremium- Mega premium accounts

The method involves users to visit the generator website. Some of the popular generator sites include Sdub and WeLovePremium.

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Online Surveys

Many websites offer surveys over the internet. In return, after the completion of studies, you will receive the free premium account. Some popular options when it comes to taking online surveys include Cinchbucks and Toluna. 

           – Cinchbucks – The website offers surveys that let you earn money. You can, in turn, use the same for purchasing the premium account.


           – Toluna – This website, too, works similarly when compared to Cinchbucks. Earn money and spend it to buy the premium account. 

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This site works differently. The site has several different kinds of passwords and usernames.


There is a disadvantage of this website that you need to spend time finding the username and password combination that is not in use. 

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We have listed a few of the proven ways which can be applied in order to get a premium account. The free mega account has various benefits. It is an excellent option for people who are not looking to spend an extra penny. Any of the above ways can be used to get a free premium account. The added features and benefits of a premium account are what makes it different than a regular free account. The free account has a limited number of benefits. So to enjoy premium benefits, you can consider using the above methods. You can choose from the above methods which work the best for you. 


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