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Games for most of us are a marvelous method of diverting our minds for the daily hustle. Some of us like outside games, some inside and some video games. All these have developed like a unique niche as of late. Various people play to loosen up, and some of them play with a career perspective in mind. According to several studies playing games is a way through which you can stay healthy. It is perceived that video games are valuable for growing IQ, creative mind, and core interest. Some researchers also believe that playing games can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s in old age. We think Helmet Heroes free account can help in achieving your goals.

Introduction to Helmet Heroes

Let me throw a few questions. 

  • Did you want to become a wizard ever since you read Harry Potter?
  • Do you have a thing for rustic and would love to play the Cowboy?
  • Did you always want to use bows and arrows but couldn’t in real life? And lastly,
  • Did you ever wish you could fight in the battles?

You are in luck because Helmet Heroes lets you pick the character you want to be. Be it a wizard, a cowboy, an archer, and a warrior. Also, we will introduce the methods for getting access to Helmet Heroes Free Account. 

helmet heroes
helmet heroes


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Helmet Heroes is an online multiplayer video game that lets you connect with your friends. You can team up and face the challenges the game has designed for you. It was released in the year 2003 and has been one of the favorite games worldwide among online video game players. 

Visit : Helmet Heroes 

What is the price for the Helmet Heroes Account? 

When you pay for Helmet Heroes, you are not exactly paying for a premium account. Here, you pay to get benefits within the game. Suppose you have no coins to spend in the game, you can buy coins using your real money. It works on the ticket system. This ticket gets added to your pay vault, and it is through the website of you will be playing further. The minimum amount is $1 for 10 tickets and the highest amount is $200 for 6k tickets. 

How Can I Get a Helmet Heroes Free Account?

Not we all get excited to pay to get a few benefits to be it $ 1 or more. And why should we if there’s a chance for us to get those for free. Below are different ways through which you can get a Helmet Heroes free account this year.


As I explained earlier, you need to spend money on Helmet Heroes when you want items. This website lets you choose the item as per your avatar.


You only have to visit the official website. Select your avatar. Log in to your Helmet Heroes account and then select the item. This is, of course, a free Helmet Heroes account. 

Visit : Weebly 

Higher Levels

You may not be looking for items but to play on the higher levels instead. Maybe you forgot your user ID and password, or perhaps you didn’t. You can use the website Ash Cycles to get a Helmet Heroes free account that is on the level 500 or above or maybe below. 

List of Usernames and Passwords

There are various websites that will provide you a list of usernames and passwords so you can skip the process of registration, enjoy the benefits of already purchased items and these for free. That’s right, you can have the Helmet Heroes free account. The most prompt of these websites is Bug Me Not. It is so because it also gives you the accuracy level of usernames and passwords shared by others.

Online Surveys

This method will go for anything you’re looking for, not only Helmet Heroes. Several websites ask you to take the surveys, and in return, they give you various rewards. Some of these rewards include free accounts, cash cards and many more. Either you can wait to get awarded Helmet Heroes tickets, or you can utilize the cash cards to buy the tickets. Either way, you will get a Helmet Heroes free account. 


Do you register on different sites just to gain the advantages that tag along? Swagbucks is one of those websites. Joining Swagbucks can help you attain a free Helmet Heroes account. By free account, I mean free items that you can use. Follow the method:

  1. Go to the official site of Swagbucks. Click on join.
  2. Fill in the data. Utilize the email address that you use. It implies utilizing the email address that you are right now using and will have no problem in accessing.
  3. You will get a confirmation email on the email address that you provided. Open the mail from Swagbucks. It will have a link. Click on it, and you are ready to get your reward.

Visit : Swagbucks 

Inbox Dollars

Swagbucks is not the only site that offers access to free Helmet Heroes account on information exchange. Inbox Dollars works along these lines. The favorable point lies in the fact that the sign up offers different advantages, including money cards. Follow the method to join:

inbox dollars
inbox dollars
  1. Go to the official site of Inbox Dollars. And click on the join button.  
  2. Fill in the necessary data. Make sure that the email address you provide is working and you can receive the mail on it.
  3. Check the email on the provided email address. 
  4. Open the mail from Inbox Dollars. It will contain a link. Click on it, and you are good to go.

Visit : Inbox Dollars 

Zen Surveys

It is one of those websites that has made our lives a little easier. Through Zen Surveys, you can get an account for almost any platform you are looking to get for free.

zen surveys
zen surveys

Including a Helmet Heroes free account. The steps to get the account is the same as that of Inbox Dollars. Except the website will be Zen Surveys. 

Visit : Zen Surveys 

Tickets Generator

The website Tripod Market generates free tickets for users who are looking for them.

ticket generator
ticket generator

It helps to play Helmet Heroes more efficiently, that is, getting a Helmet Heroes free account. 

Visit : Tickets Generator 

Scoop It

It is yet another website that generates unlimited tickets for you to set up a Helmet Heroes free account on your account.

scoop it
scoop it

You can also access the Ids and password shared earlier on this platform to log in to free Helmet Heroes free account. 

Visit : Scoop It


You can ask someone who has paid for the tickets in the past and is not playing the game currently. This way, you get a Helmet Heroes free account. 


Playing games can get addictive. It is essential to limit the time you spend playing games that require electronic screens. It is so because staring at the screen for a long time starts harming health instead of positive effects listed initially. 

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