3 Ways To Get Free Xbox Live Account In 2020


I’m sure you have heard that particular saying which says nothing is constant but change? Yes? So many trends are born each day, and as many bites the dust. But one which has remained with us is the trend of gaming. In this article you’ll learn about free xbox live account.

I have seen gaming evolve through times, seen it making all the necessary cuts required to get through to the millennials. As those of you gaming buffs, who hail from the ’90s must know, there used to be games that had to be connected to televisions.

Then times changed a bit, with the advent of computer games. With no real graphics and the disappointment when the UPS got heated up or when the power went off.

We have all been through that. The kind of advancement that technology has made, all those struggles seem lifetimes away. Games that we play these days, they accord us a close-to-reality gaming experience.

Driving a car in these games feel like you are driving it. There cannot be a better example of this than the much famed “PUBG.” I Mean, the sound of footprints? Night-mode? Human look-a-like players? I can go on and on and on.

Taking all this up a notch is the XBOX LIVE.

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A Lil Something About Xbox Live and A Revolution That It Is

Brought into the light for the first time almost two decades ago, it’s been altering the face of gaming experience for people ever since. Most of you probably know that it is an online gaming platform. 

It comes with specific gadgets that allow you to enjoy the game like you would have if you were playing in your garden. How cool is that?

free xbox live account
free xbox live account

No doubt, it’s one of the most wished-for gifts for men and boys of every age. It comes with its collection of really splendid games, supports virtual and Augmented reality. Thus, making it all the more astonishing, beautiful, and enjoyable.

To the downside, the live and free version barely supports everything that makes it so fascinating. To get to relish all the features, you’d have to pay a certain sum. But what if we had ways to get you to bypass that payment? We do have techniques that allow you to get a free XBOX LIVE account. After all, everything free is so much better. Let us get right to it.

Tricks To Get Free Of Cost Xbox Live Accout [A Guide]

There are so many traps on the internet, which steal away your information or get you stuck in a labyrinth of ads, by the temptation of FREE XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT to your credit. I have found out some who actually work and listed them here:

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Using Websites:

There are some websites over the net, which provide you access to FREE XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT. To quote the exact words, they claim that you have to earn it. Now, how do you do that?

Well, you sign in, fill up individual surveys, start playing games, answer questions, and stuff like that. Doing all this gets you points, and when you have enough points, swap these to get the free XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT. One such site goes by the name “IDEAL EMPIRE.” A quirky name for a quirky purpose.

Using Websites
Using Websites

They do take around 24 hours to act upon it, though, set up the account or whatever, but it all sounds foolproof to me.

Apart from these, they also have the same scheme of things for other paid apps and also a very user-friendly interface.

Cashig Off On Trials:

When you buy certain high-end games, you get a free code for the trial of FREE XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT. It is an alphanumeric string that can be used to serve the purpose. Let me take you through the step-wise procedure.

Cashig Off On Trials
Cashig Off On Trials
  1. Sign in to your Xbox account. If you haven’t got one, you better create it, as most of these methods won’t work if you do not have an account. Also, it costs nothing, so no harm, right?
  2. From here, find the settings tab, hit the “A”(it works as the enter key in here), having done that select the option that says subscription and then the other one which allows you to learn about gold. You will have to select the XBOX LIVE option if you have had it before.
  • Having done all of that, you should be able to see the option which prompts you to enter the code as we do have one type that code using whatever keyboard appears in front of you. Now, to apply it, you have to press a particular button. It looks like three horizontal bars on top of each other. Hit it, and you can have your free XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT.

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Using Rewards:

 So I have kept the best for the last. This is the method where you can use MICROSOFT’S reward points to get the XBOX LIVE FREE ACCOUNT. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is one of the most trusted and widely used methods, also has the highest success percentage, so naturally?

Using Rewards
Using Rewards

But it does comprise of some lengthy steps, just a small price though, right?

So I’ll try and break down the process to make it in a trouble-free manner.

The pre-requisites remain the same, and you have to have an Xbox live account.

  • The trick that lies in here is that you have to open the bing website. You know when you sometimes use Microsoft’s Edge browser, you see bing there, yes, the same thing. 

Then you are to sign in with your Microsoft account, select the option that says Rewards on it, then go ahead and press the try it for free choice.

Next Process 

This completes one half of the process. It was like five steps in one. Phew!!

  • Having settled the hard part, the real “mantra” to success lies in this step. You have to use that specific search feature for your surfing and searching, and you will get reward points. 
free xbox live account
reward points

Don’t forget to keep an eye on them and make sure that they’re increasing. This is because you can get only so many points. In case they stop, you can do one thing. You surf with the browser you want to, no questions on that, use bing instead of your regular search engine.

  1. You need to bank around 7000 points to be able to get FREE XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT. Once you have secured those many, you have to lay claim to your rightful reward.
  2. Now, go back to the XBOX page, find the redeem button, complete the necessary formalities, and when all is done and ready, you will get the acknowledgment in your inbox.

Conclusion for free xbox live account

These were some ways to do the assigned task. I hope after reading this article, you won’t have to search further for any queries related to this topic.

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