Top 10 Ways to get free Tanki accounts in 2020


Tanki online gameplay is something most of us have not heard of, considering it wasn’t popular when compared to other games. This game was released on June 4, 2009, by AlternativaPlatform. Like every other purchased game, this is one among many. In this article, you will find ways to get access to Free Tanki Accounts for the same experience without outsourcing your piggy bank.

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A Brief About the Game

It is multiplayer game play that requires a browser is free and worth trying. One can play it is on mobile. This game configures on strategies. Tanki Online, as the name suggests, is a tank-shooting MMO that has come a long way since it has started. You get to choose which turret and hull to use against the rivals. You can use a short-range, medium-range, or long-range turret, and a light hull, medium hull, or heavy hull. 

tanki online
tanki online

Recent updates:

  • You can buy and upgrade items by double-clicking
  • Button options now with different colors

 It currently uses Adobe Flash, but the developers are working on a newer version of the game based on Unity. The current version can only be improved if connected to the latest version.

 Features of the new version will include:

  • It will be cross-platform so the availability will exceed
  • New and realistic graphics
  • Adapting some elements from the existing version and adding a few more will enhance the games creativity

So, for you to play the game, requires a Tanki Online Login without which you cannot proceed further. Accounts help you save your game progress so that you don’t have to start over again. 

How to Get Connected to Free Tanki Accounts?

Below are a few authenticated ways through which you can get connected to free Tanki accounts. Counting down our top picks for top ten ways to get free Tanki accounts are as follows:

Account Creation

If you are new to the name, you have to create an account for yourself, which isn’t much of a task. There are two things required for generating a new account, that is, a login ID and password. For a person using the mobile version, you will have to download the game first from your Store. This process is easier as it eliminates the hassles and directs you to the Free Tanki Accounts.

Ask the Developers

Developers on some social platforms, i.e., Reddit host Q/A, where they often offer giveaway keys to some specific games. You get the chance to win a free account if you happen to look out for such scenarios. Also, it is one of the considerable ways towards free Tanki accounts. 

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Using websites that generate free Tanki accounts

Such websites are also known as giveaway websites that provide you with free Tanki accounts. For doing so, you will first have to search for those specific and authentic websites as some of these account-generating websites happen to be fake as you don’t want your time wasted.

Bug Me Not
Bug Me Not

Bugmenot is known to be a website that people rely on during such issues. Do try as it is worth a shot.

Using accounts freely available on the web

It is another step with which you can get your hands on free Tanki accounts. The accounts belong to the ones who are no longer playing the game. Such accounts could extend you a helping hand, as the process is quite easy. You have to search the web, preferably search engines like Google or Youtube as they giveaway those free accounts for you to try. If one does not seem to work, the other would definitely will.


You can get a free Tanki account by earning easy rewards. is a website or say, portal which is totally free to try and win an account. You have to perform the following steps to get what you want:

  1. Open your browser and type
  2. The website opens where you have to enter credentials for signing up on the page such as an email ID
  3. A verification mail will be sent to your ID
  4. Upon clicking you get access to the website where you are to complete simple tasks
  5. These tasks pay you in Swagbucks with which you can get rewards such as a free Tanki account

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Get free Tanki accounts by writing reviews

It sounds pretty easy, right! It is indeed. Some game developers or distributors will get you free Tanki accounts for writing the reviews. Reviews are critical to a company as it mirrors customer satisfaction. If you happen to write such reviews on some popular panels or newspapers or magazines, then you can get yourself a free account in exchange.

Being Social

If you are a social media freak, then this step is for you! Usually, distributors or publishers give away free accounts to those who are religious followers of their social media accounts. Facebook or Twitter are some common platforms that are an easy giveaway of free accounts. Sometimes, admins of gameplay pages on social media also giveaway their accounts for anybody to try. 


This official gives you rewards such as cash prizes, coupons, gifts, or even free Tanki accounts. Follow the steps to get one:

inbox dollars
inbox dollars
  • Type the name on the browser.
  • Enter basic details asked.
  • After verification, you will get a link which will lead you to free Tanki accounts.

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Ask a friend

Try reaching out to some of your best mates to resolve your issues. Ask some friends to lend you their account, which will save you both time and effort. It is the minimal effort required to get free Tanki accounts.

Filling out surveys

Nowadays, surveys are known to make quick money. Popular surveys such as Survey Junkie or Zen Surveys reward you in cash or gifts or coupons in exchange for simple questions that you may answer. Tasks such as Q/A or watching videos will give you rewards through which you can redeem yourself free Tanki accounts.


Whatever you do, make sure that you are not resolving to ways that are unofficial such as hacking accounts. It is something which, at one point, could lead to some seriousness. Don’t get disheartened if one method does not work. There are many options available to achieve free Tanki accounts.

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