Top 3 Ways To Get Free Sling TV Account In 2020

Free Sling TV Account

It is no secret that we take our leisure and pastimes very seriously. And rightly so. There is so much stress on everyone, from kids to adults. No one has been able to escape the clouds of stress and exhaustion that loom over our heads 24/7. In this article you will learn about free sling tv account.

But here, I am not talking about outdoor games like badminton, cricket, etc. Millennials don’t like getting their hands dirty, I think, so enjoying outdoor games is out of the picture. The adults believe they are too old for all that.

Talking about indoor activities and games, nobody has that kind of patience and will to play. So that’s a lost cause too.

So which “pastime” are we talking about?

Isn’t the answer too obvious?

Well, its TV, movies, documentaries, podcasts even. All these things are available on applications like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

So weekend plans are usually the same as us. Five hectic days at the office and rest are spent in front of TVs, laptops, eyes stuck to our respective devices.

Why do you think the phrase “Netflix and binge” was invented?

Because that is the case, you can be comfortable with your coffee and blankets along with your laptop/mobiles. Not only this, accredited to firestick, you can stream all these shows on huge TV screens.

No better escape, don’t you think?

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I can guess how boring all this must sound to our parents and grandparents. After all, it has not always been this.

If we go two or three decades back, kids playing outside their houses as soon as the sun would set. They are coming back with flushed and happily tired faces.

They had TVs(with lesser channels) and RADIOS!!! With beautiful melodies playing on them.

A movie used to air on the weekend, which was eagerly looked forward to. It sounds like our version of NetFlix and binge.

If we go back by two more decades, there used to be only radios and transistors.

There used to be news or cricket commentaries, and whole families used to sit glued to their radios/transistors. Those were the days, really the golden days.

Then “Technology” happened, and it took us to far. It made us lazy, unable to get up from the front of our devices.

It made things easier for us( thus making us lazy). As I said, there have been so many devices at our disposal, for instance, Netflix (being the king of entertainment) and at its elbow Amazon Prime.

But there has been the arrival of another promising one, belonging to the family of these apps. The name knows it “Sling TV.”


Sling TV is the US-based television facility, which was initially introduced as an alternative for the traditional cable system. But it looks like it has taken the world by storm, replacing cable tv for good. People would prefer sling tv over its counterpart in a blink.

Image result for sling tv

It was brought on-screen sometime around 2015, and is headquartered in its state itself and also it offers you mind-baffling options when it comes to movies, tv shows, cartoons, etc.

It has categories for movies, like thriller, comedy, romance, which you can filter according to your preference. This, along with the television part.

Similarly, it has categories for kids shows like funny, educational, so on and so forth, on the side of channels like Disney, nickelodeon, etc.

It has an option (pay-per-view), wherein you only pay for what you watch. This was not the case on the traditional cable systems. You had to pay for the whole package, no matter if you were watching all those channels or not.

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sling tv
sling tv

Another benefit, it provides you with is the inbuilt storage, which enables you to record your movies and shows to watch them later. Fascinating? I think so too.

Lets us go over some of the highlights of this very captivating amenity:

  • It allows you to add some additional channels or some extra watching hours on top of your subscription by paying a little more money.
  • The subscription provides you three more options: The orange one at 30 dollars monthly, which includes near about 30 channels that you can stream live. The blue package stands at the same price, with a massive increase to 40+ channels at your disposal. The third one is a combination of both, but you’ll have to pay a bomb (45 dollars) for that.
  • Also, you are not bound to continue the service, which discontinued whenever you want.

But one thing that I think goes against it is that you won’t find it working outside states.

Tempted? So your next question should be, aren’t there any ways to procure a free Sling tv account?

How to Get Free Sling TV Login Accounts

The answer is Yes. So let us see how you can do the same (get your hands on free sling tv account!!). I scoured the internet and found out some ways to secure a Sling tv account for free to your name:


As a result of their app’s exploding fondness, the creators have come out with an improvement in the existing feature. It is called “Guest Mode.” which was available for particular devices. It is now available for android and iPhone users.

sling tv guest mode
sling tv guest mode

This TV helps to watch a variety of selection of everything available. You don’t need to provide any credit card details. You just need to get yourself an account and Boom!!

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Some sites provide you with working Account details which you can use for free and watch all you want for as much time as you wish. One such place is””

Sling tv login
Sling tv login

The credible accounts gets created with your Virtual Credit Cards. All the owner asks of you is not to alter any of the credentials.

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This is also an old way.  These links by link generators will grant you access to Sling tv account and, of course, free of cost.

One thing worth mentioning is, accessing accounts with this method will not mean any reduction in speed.

These were the three prime ways to get your hands full with free sling tv account of your own. But alternatively, you can also give their free trial a shot. Just to see if you like the feel of this app.

All you need to do is enter your email id and type of OS you are on. Then you are all set.


This was all about The free sling tv account. You can use one of these ways to get one too. After that, all you have to do is to sit back and browse endlessly through the options.

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