Top 10 Ways To Get Free Roblox Accounts [Latest 2020]


The Internet is growing at a swift pace, and it has made people more addicted to their smartphones. Online gaming is yet another factor that contributes to this increased usage. Online gaming now plays an integral role in most people’s life. Considerable growth has been seen in the number of online games that are coming up every day. Online games are now available in various categories that cater to different types of individuals. Roblox is one such example of a popular online gaming platform. Not just one or two, but Roblox includes a hell lot of games. Know about the top 10 ways to get a Free Roblox Accounts.  



About Roblox Games

Roblox has emerged to be one of the most well-known gaming platforms today. It would be unfair to describe the game being a ‘single-game.’ Roblox games are quite a hit among kids. Kids love the time that they spend playing Roblox games. Roblox games are quite famous for allowing users to create their own games. ‘A kids game’ is what best describes Roblox games. The game is proving to turn kids into millionaires. Roblox games are available since the year 2005. At the time of its launch, they were available for PC’s however, later on, they are now available on mobiles as well. Robux is a popular in-game currency that is available on Roblox. Robux can be used exclusively for making any in-game purchases on Roblox. There are several ways to get a Free Roblox Accounts.

Ways To Get A Free Roblox Accounts (Premium)

Getting a free Roblox premium account seems to be every child’s dream. Now the most common question is that why do we need a free Roblox Premium account? The answer here is simple since it as tons of added features as compared to a regular Roblox account. Therefore, below, we have listed below some of the few proven ways for getting a free Roblox premium account. Let’s have a look :

Easyrobux.Today – This website might be helpful for you to grab a free Roblox premium account. All you need to do is go to the site. After that, you will find a list of tasks that needs to be completed at your end. Finally, on completion of tasks, you will be able to claim your free account.

Easyrobux.Today – Similar to the above method, PointPrizes also requires the same process. A set of tasks are mentioned on the website. You can choose amongst them and start completing them. On completion, you will be able to claim your free Roblox accounts.

Google Play Codes – Another popular method to grab a free Roblox accounts is through Google Play Codes. To catch some of them, you can come across various websites on the internet. The sites require you to complete a set of tasks. Similarly, you will gain your play codes and regain the same for a free Roblox premium account.

Google Play Codes
Google Play Codes

Selling Creations – If you are someone who has excellent creative skills, then you can get a free Roblox premium account. The items that you create on Roblox can be sold, and in return, you can earn some free Robux.


Rixty Codes – This method requires you to head to their website. After that, the website requires you to do various tasks. Everyday tasks include taking surveys, watching videos, etc. The successful completion of tasks will give you some reward points. Regain your free Roblox accounts with the help of the points earned.

Rixty codes
Rixty codes

RBX Points – RBX points are said to be part of PointPrizes. It works similarly, just like PointPrizes work. The surveys included on this website related to mobile applications, music, video, etc. The points earned can be used to get RBX points.


MyPoints – A third party is responsible for creating this website. It requires you to finish a particular set of tasks. Choose from the various functions and in return, earn reward points for a free Roblox premium account.


Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a third-party website. You can start earning points only by completing the tasks. The points earned on functions will let you claim a free Roblox premium account.


Timebucks – Timebucks works the same way as Swagbucks. A third-party website that requires you to finish simple tasks. The tasks will, in return, let you grab points. The points can give you a free Roblox premium account


PrizeRebel – PrizeRebel works similarly as Timebucks. The tasks involve watching videos, taking surveys, etc. And the tasks will let you earn your free Roblox premium account.

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The above mentioned are a few of the proven ways to get a free Roblox premium account. We have mentioned ten different ways that, when used, will provide you with a free Roblox premium account. The difference between a regular Roblox account and having a free Roblox premium account might not be too much. However, having a premium account comes with its own set of benefits. Roblox accounts are quite popular among kids. However, you should be cautious while utilizing free Roblox accounts, Since even a slight violation in its terms and conditions will lead to the banning of the account. Roblox has emerged to be a great platform if you are an ardent games lover. It not just allows you to play but also create your own games at the same time. Therefore, Roblox is excellent when it comes to online gaming. 


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