Top 9 Ways to Get Free Rapidgator Premium Account


The internet exposure has made people available with too much information at their disposal. The usage in email ID’s has increased by leaps and bounds. People now find it difficult to manage high amounts of data. Here is where the need for having an online storage facility arises. A large amount of data has also led to increasing demand for online storage services. Since many people have access to the internet, sharing of files and other media on online platforms has widely increased. Rapidgator is one such popular website to get free rapidgator premium account for sharing of files and other data among friends and family.After visiting the mentioned sites, you might also wish to get free mega premium account. Try it here.

About Rapidgator

When it comes to describing Rapidgator, its core business lies in the sharing of files online. It is essentially responsible for the transfer and distribution of files. Rapidgator provides you with a free as well as a premium account. The premium account has a hell lot of features when compared with the free account. Having a rapidgator account is quite beneficial if you share a lot of files online. Rapidgator allows you to share files with unlimited size. It provides users with ample space for uploading files and at the same time sharing them with friends. However, limited features are available with the rapidgator’s free account.  In order to access more features, you are required to get the premium Rapidgator account. Hence, we have listed below a few ways to get a free Rapidgator premium account.

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Ways to Get Free Rapidgator Premium Account

People usually look out for different ways in order to get Rapidgator’s premium account for free. This is because the account comes with a whole set of useful features. Let’s have a look at some of the ways in order to get a free rapidgator premium account.


Deepbird site is insanely popular when it comes to generating a free rapidgator website. Make sure to make an account on the website.


Paste the link and press on generate. Now your free Rapidgator account is ready to use.

Visit Deepbird.

Lee Chall

This is similar to DeepBird.

Lee Chall
Lee Chall

The only difference between them is that Lee Chall is free for everyone to use.

Visit this site here.


This site, Cocoleech is among the most popular generator site.

It involves the following steps :

– Enter the Cocoleech website

– After that, paste the link and press the Green button

– On clicking, you will receive a premium link for a free Rapidgator account.

Visit Cocoleech.


Another great website for getting a free Rapidgator account is Leech.Ninja.

It is one of the safest option available out there. The steps included are the same as mentioned above.

Visit Leech.Ninja.

This site provides free services for the generation of premium links.


Let’s look at the process involved :

– Visit the official website

– Sign up and in the empty box type or stick the link

– Finally, the free Rapidgator premium link is ready to use


On signing up with Swagbucks, you will get many benefits. Those include free rapidgator premium account, cash prizes and more.


Let’s have a look at the steps involved :

– Sign up with your email ID on Swagbucks

– After that, head over to your email ID and confirm regarding the same

Now that we are talking about Rapidgator, you might also think of getting a free Upstore account. Try it here.


InboxDollars is also a great site that can help you in getting a free premium Rapidgator account.

Inbox dollar
Inbox dollar

All you are required to do is go to the website and sign up.

Visit Inboxdollars.


A junkyard filled with a survey is what best describes SurveyJunkie. The site grants you free gifts that you can use for the purpose of gaining a free Rapidgator premium account.


All you are required to do is follow the below steps :

– Sign up for the account

– On signing up, complete the surveys assigned

– You will receive your bonuses on successful completion of surveys an various other tasks

Visit Surveyunkie here.

Free Trial Method

This method is also quite effective that will help in getting you a free Rapidgator account. In order to know about this, let’s have a look at the following steps:

– Visit the site of rapidgator

– Register yourself on the site

– Select on the PayPal option as the payment option

– Now you are all set with your premium account


The above discussed are a few proven ways that can help you in getting a free Rapidgator premium account. Many people might not be able to get a free Rapidgator premium account due to budget constraints. Therefore, the above article might be helpful in getting you a free Rapidgator premium account. The premium account provides increased space, better sharing, and superior features. Rapidgator account is also quite useful if you are looking out for some data back up options online. It can be termed to be a unique platform for sharing, storing and backing up huge amounts of data. Rapidgator will be very useful for backing up of information in case of failure of any of your electronic devices.

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