Top 10 Ways to Get Free Premium Snapchat Account in 2020


If you are in between 15 to 18 years, then do not need me to explain what Snapchat is. However, if you are an adult, you will often find teenagers using Snapchat filters and snapping everything. It was released eight years ago in September. Since then, it is ranking as one of the top social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. Snapchat allows its users to click pictures of everything they want and send it as snaps to whoever they wish. The difference between Snapchat or any other social network is the maintenance of records. While other social sites store the data, Snapchat is explicitly designed with a vanishing feature unless manually saved. Although, by following the below article, you would know top ten methods to get a free premium Snapchat account. 

What is Premium Snapchat?

Now that’s the question, a lot of people do not have the answers too. It is so because many people do not know that something like “Premium Snapchat” is out there. Ideally, it deals with adult content. It might be true, but it is also a great way of earning money if you can come up with fresh ideas of snapping. 

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Whatsoever be the case, on Snapchat premium, one can send private snaps. The difference is that here, on Snapchat premium, you can earn money in exchange for sharing snaps, including sensual snaps. 

How Can I Get a Free Premium Snapchat Account?

The cost of a premium Snapchat account can range from $10 to $30 every month. Once you start earning, the amount may not seem much; however, in the beginning, it can feel a lot with other things involved. But this is the last thing you need to stress about in your venture. I will be telling you the top 10 ways through which you can get a free premium Snapchat account. Let us get started. 

Bug Me Not

It is the most effortless way of getting a premium Snapchat account. In this method, you do not register for an account. You log in to the already existing premium Snapchat account.

Bug Me Not Snapchat
Bug Me Not Snapchat

One of the sites that provide lists of such usernames and passwords with the accuracy percentage is Bug Me Not.

Free Account Generator

You can generate your new username and password for free premium Snapchat Acccount through this. All you need to do is download a text file containing the method to help you generate the desired credentials. 

Survey Junkie

Do a little work and expect great rewards. Survey Junkie is one of the various websites that surveys people on different topics. So what you have to do is take the surveys on this website. Share your views or whatever your answer is to the questions asked. In return, they will give you rewards.

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

It also provides cash cards along with the many other prizes. Precisely, you can use it further for your premium Snapchat account. It means that you will get a free premium Snapchat account. 


You can pay less or get an account even for free if you buy premium Snapchat accounts on sale. That’s right! Sometimes people pay for subscriptions, and then they do not use it. So, they put them up for sale. It is up to them to charge you or let you have the account for free, as per their requirements. 

Using Alternates

Getting a free premium Snapchat account can feel tricky to some people. You can start by using the alternate premium Snapchat options that are available out there. The advantage will be that you will not have to put any money, and you can sell whatever you were going to sell on Snapchat. Once you start earning money, you can pay for the premium Snapchat account. On the plus side, this will also help you find your way through the audience. You will learn to refine your material as per the need of your audience. 

Hack Forums

If you are not willing to pay the money, then you might be ready through a process that can feel a little shady. Hack Forums is one of the sites that shows you the methods for hacking (finding) accounts and various other things. You will not be allowed to go through the content available on the website unless you register. So do not forget to register yourself first. 

Leaked Stuff

If the purpose of you wanting to get a premium Snapchat account is to get content instead of selling, then you can do the same by going through the contents of premium Snapchat leaked accounts. You can get these accounts on various websites.   

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Existing Account

You can look for a person who has already paid for the premium account but is not using it. Such a person will be more than happy to let you use the account instead. Either you can pay the person back when you start earning, or you may not pay him at all depending on the equation the two of you share. Return the money or not, you will get a free premium Snapchat account for the moment. 


You must have heard and studied about the barter system. In this system, one item is exchanged for another. It means that no money is involved. Now, suppose you have a subscription to Netflix, and someone you know has a premium Snapchat account. This person with a premium account may be willing to exchange it for watching Netflix. This way, both of you will get something through exchange and without using money; barter system. Thereby, you can get access to free premium Snapchat Account.

Team Up

Do you have a friend or a colleague who wishes to work together with you create content or to access content that is available on premium Snapchat accounts? You can team up with such people. Together you all can make more content than you could have made on the individual level. Also, this will reduce the cost of getting a premium Snapchat account.


Initially, the idea of using premium Snapchat account for making money may appeal to you as easy, but this will require as much hard work as any other influencer is doing out there to become the shark among the fishes. The difference is that you will earn a lot as payback for that hard work. 

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I hope that the methods of getting a free premium Snapchat account in 2020 helped you get going. Keep visiting us for similar content and more. 


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