Top X Ways To Get Free Pokemon Go Account in 2020


Thinking about Pokemons makes the generation Y immediately nostalgic. I mean, sitting in front of the television on the fixed time and waiting for the favorite show. Watching Pokemon, we all wished if we could find Pokemons too. This wish came true with Pokemon Go. Pokémon Go is a 2016 increased reality versatile game created and distributed by Niantic in a joint effort with The Pokémon Company for iOS and Android gadgets. A piece of the Pokémon establishment, the game, is the aftereffect of cooperation between Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company. This game is loved globally. In this article you’ll learn everything about free Pokemon go account.

Free Pokemon go account
Free Pokemon go account

Forbes also has an article published with the title “Why ‘Pokémon GO’ Is the World’s Most Important Game.” Under this article, the contributor JV Chamaary covers facts that make the game necessary; the points include things we have stopped doing nowadays, like getting sunshine, exploring nature, more physical activity, interacting in social surroundings, and training of the brain.

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There are various methods through which you can get a free Pokemon Go account in 2020. We will be discussing ten such options here. Without wasting further time, let’s get started.

  1. List of usernames & passwords

There are several common usernames and passwords. You can try a combination of those to get access to Pokemon Go.

List of usernames & passwords Free Pokemon go account
List of usernames & passwords

Moreover, some websites display a list of such combinations along with their rate of success. To state one example, you can visit the website –

2. Swagbucks

Do you join on sites just to gain the advantages that tag along? Swagbucks is one of those websites. Joining on Swagbucks can get you to get the free Pokemon Go account.


Follow the method:

  1. Go to the official site of Swagbucks. Click on join.
  2.  Fill in the data. Utilize the email address that you use. This implies utilizing the email address that you are right now using and will have no problem in accessing.
  3. You will get a confirmation email on the email address that you provided. Open the mail from Swagbucks. It will have a link. Click on it, and you are ready to cross.

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3. Inbox dollars

Swagbucks is not the only site that offers access to free Pokemon Go accounts on information exchange. Inbox Dollars works along these lines. The favorable point lies in the fact that the sign up offers different advantages, including money cards.

Inbox dollars
Inbox dollars

Follow the method to join:

  1. Go to the official site of Inbox Dollars. And click on the join button.  
  2.  Fill in the necessary data. Make sure that the email address you provide is working, and you can receive the mail on it.
  3. Check the email on the given email address. Open the mail from Inbox Dollars. It will contain a link. Click on it, and you are good to go.

4. Surveys

Different sites conduct online reviews. One of those is Survey Junkie. This site rewards clients for finishing overviews. The significant part is that it likewise prizes for information exchanges. This prize also includes a free Pokemon Go account.


The method is the same as number 2 and number 3. Although, the website here will be of Survey Junkie.  

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5. Point Prizes

Plenty of sites give you gift vouchers also as pay. This approach is genuine to get Free Pokemon Go Accounts. One of those websites is

Point Prizes
Point Prizes

The process is as follows:

  1. The initial step is to open the browser, click on the address bar and paste this URL there –
  2. On opening the page, you should pick which sort of gift voucher you would like.
  3. You will see a display of different cards. On the off chance that your card isn’t among them, you can look through it from the pursuit bar given there. In the search bar, type Pokémon Go.
  4. Once the card has been picked, either sign up or log in.
  5.   Point Prizes will send a confirmation email. This email will contain a link, click on it.
  6.  This link will take you back to the website of Point Prizes. After this, you may be asked to share or refer Pont Prizes to your friends.
  7. The rewards for finishing these tasks come as vouchers and points.
  8.   You can use those vouchers and points for your Pokémon Go account.

6. IG Vault

Link of the website –

It provides you a free Pokemon Go account almost effortlessly. This website requires you to have more than 500 friends or followers on Facebook or Instagram.

IG Vault
IG Vault

When you open the link, you will find a message written in bold. You have to post that message in a public setting with your social media account. After that, you have to drop them an email regarding it. They will send you the credentials for the free Pokemon Go account. The email address you are supposed to mail on is also given on the website.

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7. Sale

This option may not help you get a free Pokemon account, but it sure reduces the cost. The site Pokemon Go for Sale (link – gives Pokemon Go accounts on sale.

Sale Free Pokemon go account

The site claims that the accounts bought from its store cannot be banned. They also provide a warranty for it.

8. Giveaway

Many websites, people on their social media handles, etcetera keep throwing giveaways in exchange for their publicity. Moreover, participating in such giveaways where the award is a free Pokemon Go account can surely help you get a free account.

9. Borrow

Look for a friend – Yes, you read that right. Look for a person who has a Pokemon Go account. You can obtain the username and secret phrase to play the game.

10. Split

This step requires a little bit of sacrifice. Instead of playing against your friend, you can convince your friend to split the amount of getting the account with you. Therefore this has both advantages and disadvantages. The power is that if you and your friend live in different areas, you both can catch more Pokemons than others. The downside is that you both will have to split the time as well.

Conclusion for Free Pokemon Go Account

Pokemon Go keeps updating its features to make it better than before. No wonder that it is loved worldwide. 

I hope that the methods were helpful to you. 

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