Top 4 Ways to Get Free Overwatch Accounts in 2020


With the increase in the usage of the internet, online gaming has become quite popular. There has been a sudden rush in demand for online games. The number of games day by day seems to be increasing. Online games are one of the biggest reasons why people are glued to their smartphones. We can also see a number of mobile games that are coming up with new features every day.More and more companies are now working towards introducing their game apps. A famous example of online gaming is the overwatch shooter game. Thus, getting free overwatch accounts are a must! This is especially true due to the increasing usage of the internet.


The internet has now become an attractive market for online games. People have now found another reason to stay addicted to their smartphones.Organizations have also started to invest heavily in gaming apps. There has been a significant increase in the number of gaming apps too. The internet has made the world of gaming advance to another level. The gaming is a boon, as well as a curse. Gaming also helps in curing and removing stress. The world has increasingly become a place of gamers. 

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About Overwatch Account

Free Overwatch Account is basically an online gaming platform. The game is a team game that is based on the first-person shooter. The main idea behind this game is that its core aim is to focus on team play. A group game is what best describes overwatch. It allows players to play in teams and to play in whichever role they fit in. The game made its existence in the year 2016. The units are divided into six players each. The players can choose among any 20 characters.

Free Overwatch Accounts

Some unique features of the game include having multiplayer playing mode and different modes of gaming. Overwatch has gained immense popularity in being a multiplayer online game. The game is quite popular among the youth.The free and paid overwatch account includes a lot of different benefits. The paid report usually includes more features and different gaming modes. However, the free account is missing in this aspect. We have listed in the article below the top ways which can help you to grab the benefits of a free overwatch accounts.

Different ways to get Free Overwatch Accounts

There are two types of overwatch account account available. The overwatch account includes limited features. However, the premium account includes many additional features. The below-mentioned methods are for those individuals who are not willing to spend any extra money in order to get a free overwatch account. We have a few hacks that will let you get free overwatch accounst if you are not willing to spend any amount on the game. Let’s have a look at it : 


This method is a sure shot technique to get free overwatch accounts. Head over to the SWAGBUCKS website and create an account.


After your account gets created, there are various tasks that need to be performed. Once completed, you will get access to free overwatch accounts to your registered mail ID. 


It is another excellent option to get free overwatch accounts.


Create an account on the website and choose among various tasks. Once you do the desired job, your free overwatch accounts will be granted via your mail ID. Follow and repeat the above steps using different mail IDs. 


 For this method, firstly, go to the website and make an ID with your mail address.


After that, move on to working on the surveys. After the successful completion, you will get your overwatch account.

Cookies Method

This method will work by changing the cookies in your browser.For this method, you need to delete your existing cookies. After the deletion of the current cookies, you need to copy the cookies of an overwatch premium account.

Cookies method
Cookies method

The ‘Edit the cookies’ extension needs to be installed in this case.

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The different methods that are mentioned above come in use to get a free overwatch account. The game is quite addictive, and people usually wish to enjoy all the features of the games. However, we aren’t able to enjoy the game due to budget constraints. The above methods are different ways that can help you to enjoy the benefits of a paid overwatch account wthout spending any penny. Choose among the above techniques to enjoy the benefits of an overwatch paid account for free. 


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