Top 10 Ways To Get Free Netflix Account


Online streaming services have gained immense popularity in recent times. People now seem to have one more reason to be addicted to their smartphones. The increase in the number of smartphones and high usage of the internet has led to the development of online streaming services. One of the popular sites amongst these online streaming services is Netflix. Want to get a free Netflix account? You have landed in the perfect place. Go ahead and know how this is achievable. 


Day by day, the demand for online streaming apps seems to be rising high. This has led to a decrease in people watching TV. Therefore, big tech companies are trying to establish their footprints in this segment. It is because of online streaming services that people can enjoy their favorite movies and web series.

Online streaming services allow you to enjoy your favorite movies without the need for remote control. Whenever you feel like watching, you can access it with great ease. Netflix is providing one such most popular streaming service. 

About Netflix

Netflix, as of today, is regarded to be one of the most popular streaming service providers. Since it entered the market, it has created new waves and has emerged to be a trend. Netflix includes a wide variety of web series and movies that cater to different audiences. If you binge-watching, then Netflix should surely be the option that you need to opt for.


Having a Netflix Account has numerous benefits; however, if it’s free, it will be like a cherry on the cake. Usually, Netflix includes various subscription options, which might be quite expensive. A free Netflix Account is everyone’s dream. We have listed below some tips if you wish to enjoy a free Netflix Account. 

Top 10 ways to get a free Netflix Account

People seem to be loving Netflix, and it has become like a regular part of their lives. To save on a few expensive subscriptions, it’s important to have a free Netflix Account. Let’s have a look at those ways below : 

Free trial account

You can enjoy all the features of a free Netflix account through the free trial account. To use this, you will be required to add your payment method information. Remember one thing to remove your payment details before the end of the trial period. 

Vindale Research

The surveys that Vindale conducts might help you in getting your free Netflix Account. With each and every survey that you perform, you will earn cash in return. 

Using Airtel

The third method is helpful for those having an airtel sim. Download and install the Airtel app and head to the Airtel Payments Bank option.

Using Airtel
Using Airtel

Enter your sim details and log into the account. After that, in the online card option, add your M-pin. Finally, you will receive your card, and eventually, you can get your free Netflix Account

Multiple trials

This method seems to be similar to the trial method. In this method, you are basically required to log in every time with a new account so that you can enjoy one month of the free trial period. Make sure to use a different email ID, password, and new payment details. 

Premium Plan Sharing

It is right that sharing is caring. If you have many friends and cousins, who love Netflix, then you can request them to share the Netflix account with you. This will ensure that you get to enjoy a free Netflix account. 

 Netflix gift card

This method will work if you receive a Netflix Gift card. Amazon is one such website that sells these Netflix gift cards.

Netflix gift card
Netflix gift card

After receiving them, you can instantly redeem them on the website to enjoy a free Netflix account. 

Coupons Website

Various websites offer coupons related to free Netflix account. This includes Dealsplus, RetailMeNot,, and


However, the access granted from these coupons will be for a limited period of time. 

Trusted Cookies

This method also seems to be famous for enabling you to get a free Netflix account. It requires you to have a PC or Desktop. Go to the page ‘Add Edit this cookie.’ After that chrome extension browser needs to be added. Open the Netflix site and click on the Edit this cookie and later press the import option. Copy and Paste the ‘Netflix cookies code.’ Finally, refresh the page, and you are all set to go 

Google Pay

A free Netflix account can also be enjoyed if you use Google Pay. After enjoying Netflix for a trial period, you need to cancel the subscription.

Google Pay
Google Pay

However, you can still enjoy the free Netflix account with the same Google pay.

Android Apps

You can also enjoy it with the help of Android apps. All you need to do is get the Netflix premium APK after that enable unknown source by heading to settings. You need to download the apps, and after that, you can enjoy the free Netflix Account


The above following are some of the methods that you can use to get a free Netflix Account. It has become quite popular among people, and having a free account is what they always crave for. Having a Netflix Account has its one set of useful features. It lets you enjoy premium features, including unlimited access to various movies, web series, etc.

Apart from that, it also allows you to use your account on many devices such as smartphones, laptops, iPad, etc. Nowadays, it seems that Amazon Prime is emerging to be a strong competitor of Netflix. 

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