Top 4 Ways To Get Free MSP Account In 2020

Free MSP Account

The present times are splendid ones to be born in(contrary to popular belief). In this article we’ll learn about free msp account. With technology at its peak, so many mysteries to be unfolded and everything beautiful in the making. Sounds spectacular to me.

Even the children born in the last decade or so(millennials) are no ordinary kids. They are extra active. Believe me that is the mildest way to put it. They are closer to all the gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. than the 90’s kids ever were.

They know how to unlock lock screens, operate youtube, flick channels, and so on. My four-year-old nephew won’t eat his lunch until he has his favorite show playing on the phone. It is astonishing how comfortable these kids are with the presence of all this technology.

Also, these kids are super interested and curious about each and everything, asking a million questions. As it happens, most parents don’t have much time on hand to answer the bunch of questions.

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A Peek Into The Background

So to distract the kids and to keep mischiefs at bay, they usually hand them over their phones.

It is so different from the way things were done 20 years ago. Back then, there we no phones, laptops. Kids would play outside, sipping lemonades or popsicles. Or they were put to naps to avoid the mischief altogether.

Then video games came on the scene. There were these bulky setups where you had to connect the cord with your tv, insert the cassette holding the games, and then you could play any game you want. They had the most loved games like super-Mario, contra, excite-bike, zippy-race, etc.

But there were only a handful of games, with almost non-existent graphics. Sometimes you had to shake the cassettes if they suddenly stopped working.

But things could not bear more contrasts with excellent graphics, sounds, and experts with impeccable skills being hired for developing games.

They are called Game developers — also, some test these games after they are made.

Game developers’ task is to wear their thinking caps and come out with the most quirky and creative ideas for games. After that, these games are tested to see if they are good enough. There are so many new games in the market at a time. Some become instant hits with kids, and some don’t.

The game under our observation today is MSP (MovieStarPlanet).

In-depth About MovieStarPlanet (MSP) And Some Traits

It is one of the variations of videogames available for children for kids under 15-years of age. It is a kind of a little virtual movie world for the kids. As we all know, how much they are under the influence of all the glamour that comes along with the movie industry.

So it provides them a chance to choose their cartoon doppelganger, play dress-ups, create their movies, and become famous. It must feel like a dream to them.

A fantastic concept to woo kids!!

free msp account
free msp account

Its a Denmark based gaming facility introduced some 12 years back (in 2009) and has been steadily gaining popularity since then. It asks you to create an account by providing some necessary details. Then you can choose your primary animation display picture(Avatar) to begin with.

As you go on playing games, creating movies, etc., you can get the VIP account. It provides kids an opportunity to exchange words with other kids. You are thus making them more confident in their skins.

It like a whole other world with different landscapes to choose from. Children can change the outfits of their animated selves. They create movies for which they are rewarded with points and prizes.

They can utilize these rewards to buy more attires along with matching accessories complete with background materials, decorative items, and so on.

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Let Us Look At Some Key Features It Bestows Upon Us:

  • You can customize your Avatar however you please. You can give it a complete makeover, changing dresses, hair-do, adorning it with accessories. It is all up to you.
  • Make your films. They are appreciated by giving out points based on the length. These points can further be utilized to buy game-related stuff.
  • You are promoted to VIP accounts based on your progress in the games, the number of friends in your account, the number of movies made by you, etc.

The moviestarplanet is a subscription-based facility, though. However, if you do not want to spend a bomb, I am listing some ways to get around it.


Here Are Some Ways To Get Your Hands On A Free MSP Account In 2020


By Using InboxDollars Website:

InboxDollars is one of the websites that help you acquire your free MSP account by going through some simple enough steps. Do the following:

InboxDollars Website free msp account
InboxDollars Website
  • Open your browser and type in your address bar “Http://” and press enter. Further you will be taken to their homepage.
  • Then you are prompted to provide some necessary details like e-maile-mail, name, age, etc.
  • You will have to verify the details that you gave via a link that they will send to your e-mail address. That is it, as soon as you check the details, you can have a free MSP account to your name. It is this simple.

By Using Login Information:

Some people over the internet create multiple accounts on paid platforms like MSP using techniques like VCC (virtual credit card). Then they give away the login information over to people who want to use these sites.

By Using Login Information
By Using Login Information

The usernames and passwords that they provide you are mostly working. All these owners ask of you is not to modify the credentials in any way, or else they deactivate the accounts.

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By Using Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is one of the popular and trusted website which provides premium website accounts. All you have to do to get your free MSP account is to log in on the site with your e-mail.

By Using Swagbucks
By Using Swagbucks

My advice uses a secondary e-maile-mail to do it. After a while, you will get the much-waited confirmation e-maile-mail, acknowledging your free MSP account.

Using Paypal:

This method does not work immediately, it can take about a week to start working but it is useful. So you have to choose an account option, and when you go to the payment portal, enter PayPal as your mode of paying the money.

Using Paypal
Using Paypal

Then choose the duration and whatever else they ask you to do. When the time comes to make the actual payment, cancel all of it, and exit. Then sit back and wait for a few days.

These were the ways by which you can procure a free MSP account in no time. Use any of these for your kids, or you can give it a try as well. After all, we all are kids inside. I hope it proves helpful.

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