Top X Ways To Get Free Minecraft Account in 2020


Games for most of us are a delightful medium of spending time. Some like outdoor games, some indoors, some video games. All these have developed as different sectors lately. Many people play to relax, and many who play it as a passion and career option. Games altogether are considered to be a stress-busting activity. It has been acknowledged that sports are good for increasing IQ, creativity, and concentration. In this article you’ll complete information on free minecraft account.


Minecraft is one of the very liked online video gaming platforms. It is owned by Microsoft and was created by Markus Persson. It is in the year 2011 that Mojang released the game, and later in 2014, it was purchased by its current owner. Minecraft has been popular ever since its release. In 2019, it became the best selling game of all time amid the variety of new games being released almost every month. Around 200 million copies of this game have been sold till now. 

How can I get a free Minecraft account?

Need a free account to play Minecraft, do not stress. We will be discussing top X ways to get a free Minecraft account in 2020. Let’s get started. 

  1. Nulled

It is first on the list as it is the most popular and reliable way of getting a free Minecraft account. The advantage that tags along on this website is that the user is not required to download or install anything. This prevents the device from any virus. 

To do so, start by visiting the website ( Signup on it. It does not ask anything extra other than the necessary information. Any other site will ask for a subscription. You will receive an email in the provided email address. Open that open and click on the given link. This will confirm your sign up. Then, go to the section of “Games” from the main page. Scroll through the list till you find Minecraft. When you click on it, Nulled will send you a list of usernames and passwords for Minecraft that can be used by you for free.

Account Generator

Some websites generate accounts for free. One of those is threatening ( It claims to be better than all other websites that create Minecraft accounts. It is not like the ordinary account generators. This website uses a remarkable system called “Tokens.” Under this system, the user is given the user ID and the password. The framework of the website also allows the users to make the desired Token, which they can use for their Minecraft account.

Gift Vouchers

Several sites give you gift vouchers additionally as pay. This method is veritable to get Free Minecraft accounts. One of those sites is Here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on this link – It will take you the main page of Point Prizes. 
  • On opening the page, you need to pick which sort of gift voucher you would like.
  • You will see a display of different cards. On the off chance that your card isn’t among them, you can look through it from the pursuit bar given there. In the search bar, type Minecraft. 
  • When the card has been gotten, either sign in or sign up. 
  • Point Prizes will send an email for confirmation. This email will contain a link, click on it. 
  • This link will take you back to the website of Point Prizes. After this, you may be asked to share or refer Pont Prizes to your friends.
  • The rewards for finishing these tasks comes as gift vouchers and points.
  • You can use those vouchers and points for your free Minecraft account.


Websites like provide a list of tested log in credentials that you can utilize for accessing a free Minecraft account. 


Many websites, people on their social media handles, etcetera keep throwing giveaways in exchange for their publicity. Participating in such giveaways where the award is a free Minecraft account can surely help you get it.

MC Login Credentials

This is yet another website that is highly reliable. This website claims to be a hundred percent authentic. You have to open the website and click on “Get an account.” It is only meant for Minecraft and will not help you with any account you might be seeking. Here is the link to the website –

Account Provider is one of the leading providers of Free Premium Minecraft accounts worldwide. Their fundamental objective is to spread the bliss of video gaming. Anybody can get a free account by finishing a short study about forestalling bots. Found with help from a few organizations, our site will request that you complete an education thoroughly liberated from cost, so you don’t spend a solitary penny from your pocket to get the account. 

Online Survey

The internet is full of sites that are looking for people to participate in their online surveys. The one that comes with the reward you are looking for is Survey Junkie. This site pays the participants in various ways, including cash cards. Minecraft account is also one of the prizes. Keep taking surveys and keep your fingers crossed. 


Look for a friend – Yes, you read that right. Look for a person who already has a Minecraft account. You can obtain the username and secret phrase to play the game. Please do not force it on your friend. Borrow only if the person on the other end is comfortable. 

Split the Bill

This step requires a bit of atonement. Instead of playing against your buddy, you can convince your ally to part the proportion of getting the record with you. This has a downside that you both will need to divide the time as well.


These are the top X ways through which you can get a free Minecraft account in 2020. Minecraft is an addictive game, and free Minecraft accounts have handled most of the issues gamers need to face to benefit as much as possible from their dreamland. If you are one of the Minecraft game addicts, endeavor these premium Minecraft Accounts. 




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