Top 3 Ways To Get A Free Lynda Account. Fixing Course Problems!

Free Lynda Account
Free Lynda Account

Do you want to append your creative, software, and business skills? Do you wish to receive premium quality courses on these subjects? That is precisely what Lynda offers to you. It has more than 3000 fully online courses. Even so, some users may face monetary issues, because the most basic membership costs $25. Hence, these users look for a free Lynda account. Are you one of them? Well, then you have arrived at your final destination. In today’s article, we will be sharing our top 3 ways to get a free Lynda account. But, before we get into the juicy details, let me tell you about Lynda.

Lynda – A Brief Synopsis

Lynda is a giant platform that offers thousands of video courses over a wide range of topics. The website typically targets people wishing to achieve their life as well as job goals. Besides just individuals, Lynda also offers memberships for various organizations with a joint account. But, to access these top of the line courses and lectures, one needs a Lynda subscription.

Lynda Main Page
Lynda Main Page

But obviously we’ve got a way around that. By accessing the Free Lynda Account. But how to get it? we’ll be having that discussion shortly.

With a basic membership worth $25, it goes all the way to $37 for a premium membership. Here, we offer three ways to get a free Lynda account. This will help people who cannot get a Lynda membership. They will let you access every material available in the Lynda library without paying a dime. So, without any further ado, let’s see how we can do it.

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Kicking Off || Method 1

We will begin with a relatively easy method. The first technique to get a free Lynda account is to grab the no-cost trial. Lynda offers you a trial of its services for 30 days before you pay anything. The given steps will help you do exactly that –

Steps To Get Free Lynda Account

  • Open up your computer and fire up your favorite web browser. After doing so, type in ‘’ in the white search bar at the top. Press’ enter’ once done. 
  • Once Lynda loads up, you will notice ‘Start my free month’ written in a yellow box. That will lead you to your free Lynda account. 
Redirect To LinkedIn
Redirect To LinkedIn
  • It will now redirect you to the LinkedIn Learning page. Here, you must select a plan. Don’t worry; you incur no charges. Select either of the plans and proceed. 
  • You must now get access to LinkedIn by logging in. Sign up, if you don’t have an account and log in after that. All of it is important to get your Free Lynda Account.
Sign In To LinkedIn
Sign in To LinkedIn
  • Now, the billing page will load up. Here is where you must enter your credit card details. Once done, select ‘Buy.’

A Drawback 

You now have finally got your first free Lynda account. It is perhaps the easiest method among the three we will discuss. The only drawback here is that you must fill in credit card details. A lot of people are reasonably uncomfortable in doing so. For them, we have methods that do not involve any type of credit card.

Further, you must cancel your subscription before your trial ends. That is because Lynda will begin charging you via the credit card info once the trial ends. So, you must revoke your subscription to your free Lynda account before it expires. 


A Friend In Need || Method 2

Now we mention a short way to receive a free Lynda account. Usually, people who require these services have friends who need them too. Sometimes, one of your rich friends may actually pay for the subscription. Here, your friendship will come into play. You may ask them to share their account with you, thereby granting you a free Lynda account. Lynda allows for the distribution of the account without any danger.

Further, some schools and universities even provide a free Lynda account to every one of their employees. They pay for your account till the time you use it. So, you may contact any of your acquaintances who work in such an organization. A friend in need rightly is a friend indeed.

A Way Beyond Other Ways || Method 3

The last weapon in our arsenal is a complex one. You should pay attention to get a free Lynda account using method 3. It includes registering yourself in a public library system. Lynda has partnered with several public libraries to give access via the library’s individual identity. Begin these steps – 

Detroit Public Library

  • Type in the website in the white search bar ‘$N/SYMWS/true?’. Press ‘enter.’  Let the page of Detroit Public Library open up.
  • Open up a new tab and enter ‘’ It is a website that will display a lot of Fake details.
Fake Address Generator
Fake Address Generator

       You now have to copy and paste the corresponding fields like name, address, etc. We recommend to fill in just the compulsory fields to minimize workload.

  • After entering the fields, you will reach the ‘Pin’ field. Here, you must enter any four-digit pin for your free Lynda account. Make sure you remember it because it lets you access your free Lynda account. 

Choosing A Library

  • Next, you must choose a library. You can select any library. After selecting a library, click on register.
  • The library will now provide you with a temporary library identity digit sequence.  That is valid for 30 days. Note it down,  to get a free Lynda account. 
  • Now, visit ‘’ Here, the page will display two fields.
Lynda Portal
Lynda Portal

You must fill in the library card number as well as the pin which you entered while registering. Then, tap to log in to Lynda.

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Lynda is a handy educational tool that can help anyone who wishes to use it. We hope that we could help you get a free Lynda account successfully. For more such content, make sure to catch more of our articles. That’s it from us today. If you still have any queries, feel free to communicate with us.

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