10 Amazing Ways to Get Free Instagram Account


Well, as soon as the older generation made itself acquainted with Facebook, the bomb of Instagram was dropped. Most of the youngsters started spending more time on it than on any other social media. Celebrities and businesses and other organizations simultaneously joined it. But for accessing the premium features, one has to pay for the same, though not anymore. In this article, we will present you ten amazing ways to get a free Instagram account. 

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So what is Instagram? It is a long-range informal communication medium like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. Any individual who has an Instagram account has his/her/other display profile and a feed. In like manner, anything that you post here turns into a piece of your profile. You can likewise observe the posts of individuals you follow in your feed and individuals you don’t follow in the investigate alternative. 


Although Instagram isn’t altogether similar to Facebook, even though it is owned by it. Instagram is somewhat a streamlined rendition of Facebook with an accentuation on sharing photographs and video recordings.

Do You need to pay to get an Instagram account?

You do not pay for Instagram as long as you are okay with the free version that is offered by Instagram. However, Instagram also has a premium version for which a user has to pay. 

There are vast differences between the free version and the premium versions. The benefits you get with a premium account are listed below for you. 

  • You can edit pictures using Instagram filters that are already in your feed. 
  • You can attach price tags on products and add the “Shop Now” link on your posts. 
  • It has the option to customize as per the WordPress theme you might have. 
  • You can add the “Swipe Up” link in your Instagram Stories
  • You can manage what is going on with your other Instagram account without switching. 

How Can I Get a Free Instagram Account?

Now that you have seen the advantages, you must be feeling tempted to get Instagram pro or, in other words, Premium Instagram Account. The temptation only increases if you are using Instagram as a tool for the growth of your business. However, with everything costing so high, this might not be something you will be able to afford to pay for at the moment. It is totally fine because I am here to help you deal with this issue. I am going to be discussing the top ten ways that can help you get a free Instagram account. Let us get started. 

Bug Me Not

Through this website, you can not only get your free Instagram account, but you can also skip the process of registration too. It is the easiest way to get yourself a free account.

Bug Me Not
Bug Me Not

All you need to do is, is to visit the official website, go through the list of usernames and passwords available for premium Instagram accounts, and have your pick. No registration, no downloads, nothing at all. 

Paying Minimum

So the amount that you may be paying will feel like nothing if you will have a look at the advantage. The website Swapd not only lets its user’s sale and purchase properties, but they also sell and purchase things like accounts.


These accounts are already very well established. If you do not have a business plan yet and your only motivation is earning, then you can feel carefree while buying an account from here. It is so because you will start earning immediately. The amount you will spend purchasing will recover before you realize it. That is why it assigns to the second place. 

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Account Directory

Heard of White pages or Yellow Pages? These pages are directories containing information about people and all sorts of organizations. Likewise, several websites have account directories. You can go through these directories and find yourself the credentials for the premium Instagram account. This way, you get a free Instagram account. Free Account biz is such a website. 

Free Account Biz
Free Account Biz

The Free Plan

If you are just an individual who wishes to get a premium account, then you might not need to worry at all. The website Later has several plans for Instagram pro accounts or free Instagram account. 


And one of those plans is for free. It does not include as many features as the other plans available on it. But it is undoubtedly an upgrade. You are surely getting what you want, and that is a free Instagram account. 

SEO Forums

Black Hat World, this is a discussion forum just like Quora or Reddit. The difference is that it is suitable for people dealing with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here, people often share there usernames and passwords of premium business Instagram accounts.

Black Hat World
Black Hat World

You can get any of those and use the account for your needs. You can promote your account through it or customize the account as per your needs. Either way, you get a free Instagram account. 

Premium Host

It involves one primary step of visiting the official website. After that, you can try your luck. It is full of shared accounts, but there is no accuracy check.


So, if you are lucky enough of those usernames and passwords will surely help you get a free Instagram account. Later, you can change the password to prevent anyone else from accessing your free Insstagram account. 

Visit : Premium Host 

Fame Swap

As the name suggests, it is about premium accounts being sold and purchased. The good thing about it is that the necessary information about the account on the sale. You as a buyer have to choose one of them and send the seller the prize that you are willing to pay.

Fame Swap
Fame Swap

If the seller agrees, you can even purchase it for like $1. Consider spending $29 or more for months. You should buy the account with a wide smile on your face as it in a way free. This is one of the popular methods to get access to a free Instagram account. 

Visit : Fame Swap 


You can earn extra cash with a little bit of effort, and you can use that cash to upgrade your Instagram for free, hence getting a free Instagram account. On websites like Survey Junkie, you can answer questions asked in a survey.

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

The website gives cash cards other than the rewards that tag along. The utilization of the money is for the upgrade. 


In case you are in no hurry to get an upgrade, then you can choose to be more patient. The websites that offer this upgrading also put up sales. You can upgrade to the premium account during the sale. This way, the maximum amount you will pay is half of what you were going to pay earlier. It gets even better if you are working along with someone. The bill will get further divided. Thus, you will get a free Instagram account. Paying so less in contrast to spending so much feels free. 


If you happen to have paid for something else online related to accounts that you are not using currently and may not use in the future, then you can sell that account and buy the premium account. You can also exchange it. Again, either way, you will get a free Instagram account. 

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Make sure that whatever step you take to get the free account is completely legal and does not put you in a position you do not wish to be. 


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